Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why deprive you of these great ones!

I was looking through some of my latest precious moments caught on camera and decided to share a few of my favs. And so for your enjoyment I give you the adorable, way-too-cute, little character we call Brielle Cynthia!!! (What an intro hugh?! I am watching the CMA awards while I blog--need I say more?

I was trying to prepare my lesson on Sunday and Brielle kept trying to punch the keys on my lap top. So my brilliant husband broke out our old one and let her go to town!

I laughed my butt off when I saw this pic!! It perfectly captures Brielle in her truest form--A LITTLE HAM!!

This is quite the innocent, can-do-no-wrong look. If she gets any better at it I am in real trouble!

"You mean pose like this mom?"

All dressed up for Church. This is actually her 12-month Christmas dress. But as all you mothers know their clothes NEVER fit when they are supposed to.

Real crawling action in the near future. She has mastered the rolling, rocking, and scooting. I tried to upload a video, but I think the clip was too long.

A Move In the Horizon

Yep, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are literally hours away from being back in our home! For those of you who didn't know, we have been doing our "little" remodel job since January 1 of this year. We intended the project to take no longer than a couple of weeks. And eventually our deadline moved to my due date (April 7). Well my baby girl is now 7 and 1/2 months old and is a bit confused about her home and real family make-up! We have been living with my sister, her husband, and three fun children. As a result, Brielle is completely convinced that she is one of four children and call their 8,000 square foot home hers!! Uh-oh. Becoming an only child over night is going to be quite the shock for our little bug (and for me--I love all these built in baby sitters and constant entertainment!).

The pics you see here makeup our living area in the Jensen guest room. "Guest room" does not accurately describe what this room has provided for our small family the last 10 months. Um, lets see--master bedroom, nursery (take note of the pack-n-play Brielle STILL sleeps in!), office, study, storage room, and quiet hang out. Ya, I think that about covers it! Don't get me wrong--our living situation has been VERY comfortable. As I said before, 8000 square feet!!

Brielle-lee girl just adores her cousins. This is Tehya and Tanneyce--my great "little mommies." Not pictured is Treyce. He has a special way with Brielle--he just has to look at her and she laughs out loud!!
A HUGE thank you to the Amber, Jon, and kids for opening their home to us this year. We had some great times and now have some awesome memories!! WE LOVE YOU ALL
Still to come are the pics of our "NEW" old home. Stay tuned . . .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Pumpkin Walk and an Adorable Lion

On Friday Ryan took the afternoon off from work and met us in Shelley to go through the Pumpkin Walk. I was so impressed with all the fun, creative ideas that people had for all their pumkins scenes. One of my favorites was the Seseme Street one--cute, Hugh?! The Spider Man and bus cut-outs provided some adorable photo-ops!!

That night we dressed Brielle in her lion costume (curtesy of Cilla-Thanks!) and painted her face up. I wasn't thinking when I used thick, black halloween face paint and just as we were loading her in the car a very tired Brielle rubbed her eyes and nose and smeared the paint. So I washed it off and raced to the church for dinner and trunck-r-treat. I am half tempted to put her in her costume again tomorrow and take more pics becuase this one just doesn't do her justice. She was just yummy with her face all painted up!

A quick visit to Oregon

We recently made a quick trip to Oregon on account of the passing of Ryan's grandpa. Initially Ryan flew out by himself with the intent of Brielle and me staying home. But after a couple of days, my mother-in-law (Grandma Maureen) called and wanted to fly us out as a surprise for Ryan. The surprise was a success!! We made it all the way from Idaho Falls to Woodburn, and were waiting at Maureen's house when a surprised Ryan walked through the door. He claimed that earlier in the day he had become suspicious when I wouldn't answer my phone, but then his hopes were dashed when I lied to him and told him I was getting Brielle's ears pierced and couldn't answer his call. My detailed story of the event distracted him enough to believe that we were still in Idaho when we were actually making the ride from the Portland airport to Grandma's house. Thanks for the fun Surprise Maureen!

A last minute item in daddy's suitcase as he packed for Oregon!

Mommy and Brielle-girl on our flight to Portland. She is such a little trooper when it comes to flying! Talk about a real people person; by the time we walk of the plane, Brielle has become very well acquainted with EVERYONE seated around us! What a ham!!

A family photo at the grave site.
Grandpa's funeral was a beautiful one! I learned what an incredible life Grandpa had led, experienced my first mass and then was honored when the family asked me to sing Amazing Grace at the grave site. I so wish I had a picture of Brielle with Grandpa to post, but we were disappointed when we discovered we never took a single pic of the two of them together.

I Will Spare You the Excuses . . .

I will spare spare you the excuses because I have no great ones. I would tell you that I have been too busy, but we are all over-scheduled and stretched to our limits and yet you all still manage to post weekly (if not more). Way to be!! Sometimes I even avoid looking at your blogs because it only brings feelings of guilt--I have a problem, I know!:) So instead I will let you be my inspiration and consider this more of a family journal with the hope of printing it as a book. Perhaps with this intent in mind I will post more often. So we will give it another go . . .