Sunday, November 2, 2008

A quick visit to Oregon

We recently made a quick trip to Oregon on account of the passing of Ryan's grandpa. Initially Ryan flew out by himself with the intent of Brielle and me staying home. But after a couple of days, my mother-in-law (Grandma Maureen) called and wanted to fly us out as a surprise for Ryan. The surprise was a success!! We made it all the way from Idaho Falls to Woodburn, and were waiting at Maureen's house when a surprised Ryan walked through the door. He claimed that earlier in the day he had become suspicious when I wouldn't answer my phone, but then his hopes were dashed when I lied to him and told him I was getting Brielle's ears pierced and couldn't answer his call. My detailed story of the event distracted him enough to believe that we were still in Idaho when we were actually making the ride from the Portland airport to Grandma's house. Thanks for the fun Surprise Maureen!

A last minute item in daddy's suitcase as he packed for Oregon!

Mommy and Brielle-girl on our flight to Portland. She is such a little trooper when it comes to flying! Talk about a real people person; by the time we walk of the plane, Brielle has become very well acquainted with EVERYONE seated around us! What a ham!!

A family photo at the grave site.
Grandpa's funeral was a beautiful one! I learned what an incredible life Grandpa had led, experienced my first mass and then was honored when the family asked me to sing Amazing Grace at the grave site. I so wish I had a picture of Brielle with Grandpa to post, but we were disappointed when we discovered we never took a single pic of the two of them together.