Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby News!!

This is my second post today, but I feel like this news deserves its very own. I'm pregnant! Okay, so I know that this news does not come as a surprise to many of you, but this is my official blog announcement. Yay! I'm a little over 16 weeks along (I think :) and how many times have I been to the doctor you ask? Once!! I am still debating as to whether I want to deliver at the hospital again with a doctor and a doula, or go to the birthing center in Rigby and use the mid-wives. One thing is for sure, I am freaking myself out because this pregnancy is going SOOO fast. I have a feeling it is a boy but only because I have been way more sick this time and getting fat way faster. Ryan thinks it is a boy because according to him I am mean this time. Sad! So what is it ladies, do boys really have these affects on us?

I finally got brave and chopped my hair again the other day. My hair seems to be the outward declaration of any big change in my life. I went lighter rather than doing my normal dark color and I am really happy with it! Ryan was all for me going boy short and bleaching it blond, but come month 8 my face will balloon up and I would rather not have any hair to hide it! I apologize for the awkward picture--there is a feeling of embarrassment turning the lens on only yourself ;)

February Hugh?

Yep, I know Christmas is ancient news, but being that it was Brielle's FIRST CHRISTMAS I have to write a little blurb. Opening her presents was an event that was stretched across three days. Not because Santa brought a ton or anything, but she was content to open one or two and then had the time of her life exploring those. I felt too bad taking her things away and trying to divert her attention to something else. So we let her go at her own pace.

Since my last post in December (ugh, really not very good that this) Brielle is now crawling at the speed of light and walking along anything that can support her weight. Speaking of weight, my little chunk is around 21 lbs and we are reminded of this anytime someone picks her up. She doesn't look overweight, she is just a solid little girl. She is quite the gabber and I can't wait to understand all the exciting / funny things she is telling me all about. Her favorite word is "dadda" followed by "babba." And yes I am a little disappointed that "mamma" hasn't quite found its way into her vocabulary yet! She is proving to be a very talented entertainer. If she wants to be part of the conversations taking place around her, she just squishes up her face and does this adorable squeaky, fake laugh. That does the trick--immediately Brielle becomes the center of attention.