Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa Meet the Newest

On August 27, Grandma Maureen and Grandpa Bill flew out for a visit. The weekend went by fast but we were still able to do some fun things. Maureen barely stepped foot through the front door before she had scissors in hand and was hard at work on Brielle's mangy hair. Then that night we went to Derrick and Lisa Dye's home for a tail-gate party before the big Shelley/Firth football game. I'm not sure that a high school football game was at the top of Grandma and Grandpa's must-do-lists, but they were good sports and seemed to have fun! Most of the weekend was spent taking LOTS of pictures, talking, and just hanging out. We love having our family from Oregon come for visits! MISS YOU GUYS!!!

Grandma and Grandpa enjoying sweet sleepy moments with Laney

One morning Ryan, Brielle, Bill, and Maureen went out for breakfast and spent some time at the playground and the greenbelt. Mom and baby stayed home catching up on some much needed (and much appreciated) sleep ;) After seeing all the fun pics I was sad we had missed out!

Ryan, Brielle and Grandma Maureen at the greenbelt

This picture was taken at the BBQ before the ball game. Brielle loved playing in this sand box. Before the night was through she was wearing a borrowed shirt because she accidentaly tackled one of the boys and walked away wearing his drink. My little football star;)

I loved this picture of Brielle and Grandpa Bill! He is helping her eat his leftover spaghetti from Olive Garden and she is having the time of her life!

Brielle did so great for her haircut and the end result was adorable--thanks Grandma!

Daddy, Grandma, and sweet Laney-girl

A picture-perfect moment with Daddy!