Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why deprive you of these great ones!

I was looking through some of my latest precious moments caught on camera and decided to share a few of my favs. And so for your enjoyment I give you the adorable, way-too-cute, little character we call Brielle Cynthia!!! (What an intro hugh?! I am watching the CMA awards while I blog--need I say more?

I was trying to prepare my lesson on Sunday and Brielle kept trying to punch the keys on my lap top. So my brilliant husband broke out our old one and let her go to town!

I laughed my butt off when I saw this pic!! It perfectly captures Brielle in her truest form--A LITTLE HAM!!

This is quite the innocent, can-do-no-wrong look. If she gets any better at it I am in real trouble!

"You mean pose like this mom?"

All dressed up for Church. This is actually her 12-month Christmas dress. But as all you mothers know their clothes NEVER fit when they are supposed to.

Real crawling action in the near future. She has mastered the rolling, rocking, and scooting. I tried to upload a video, but I think the clip was too long.


Paul and Nancy Garner said...

She is so cute!! What a beautiful little bug you have!!Cute cute cute!!

Dye Family said...

Cyrie, how do you even stand it? She is so dang CUTE I can't even look at her!
I hope your house is coming along, that will be nice to be back at home...maybe. It sounds like you've had it pretty good at your sister's.

The Baker Family said...
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The Baker Family said...

Haha the picture of the laptops made me laugh because tristan is the same way when it comes to keyboards so we let him play with an old one too!! Babies are so smart......already wanting to play with computers!! Your lil girl is Beautiful.....I hope my next baby is a girl..boys are fun...but a girl would be so much fun to dress up and all that exciting stuff!! Well hope things are going good for you!

alisekelley said...

That is exciting that you guys are moving back into your house! I can't wait to see the remodel pictures!

Anonymous said...

Cyrie... Brielle is so cute. I love her hair. It is so thick. How do you get it to looked styled. Jaylee has a lot of hair, maybe not as thick as Brielle's but I can't get it to look as cute as you can. How is your house coming. Are you in it yet? I want to see pictures of the new look. Take care.