Friday, August 8, 2008


Every year our ward holds a community party for everyone in the ward boundaries. It is always a huge hit! Great food, friends and fun!! This year the activities committee rented a gigantic blowup water slide for the KIDS. After the water fight (that the adults started :) we decided to give the water slide a try. I had no intentions of getting even a drop of water on me, but as the pics reveal the BIG KID in me came out. Luckily, I was not alone!!!
WE ARE ALL DRENCHED! This group of women kind of adopted me when I moved into the ward 4 years ago. I am so glad they did!!! What a kick in the pants they are!!

The guy on the slide is my brother-in-law, Jon. It is hard to see but I am actually standing at the top of the slide. We both agreed to take the plunge together (which was a much bigger deal for him because he was sporting his dressy work attire).

The sad saga of the night involves a little boy, a big water gun, and my precious Brielle--well, not all of her, just her face. I think you can put the parts together. She handled the first shot fine, but the second resulted in lots of tears and a very cute sad face. Sorry no pics!


SuiKim and Steven said...

Looks like you had fun!!!