Saturday, August 2, 2008


I got my pictures back--Yea!!! And like I said, this summer has been a very busy and exciting one. I have tried to capture the gist of it in the photos below. SO here it goes. . .

We flew to Oregon for two weddings. First to Ryan's cousin's and then to his brother's. They were both absolutely beautiful!!

Ryan walking his mom down the isle at his brother's wedding

Ryan was the best man in his brother's wedding (Scott is far left and Ryan is standing next to him)

The minister wanted Ryan to pretend like he lost the rings just to make the whole ceremony a little more interesting and memorable. You make a gorgeous couple Scott and Amy! CONGRATS!

Daddy and his little girl lookin' pretty for the wedding.

Daddy and his little girl lookin' pretty for ANOTHER wedding ;) Don't tell me you can't see the resemblance in these two.

Ryan and his cousin Kelly at his wedding

Grandma and Grandpa Bill chillin' at the wedding

We have also been spending a lot of time in the camp trailer this summer. I have decided this is my favorite thing to do with my baby girl and my hubby.

Brielle is such a good sport! No bath tub in the camp trailer so she makes the best of the little kitchen sink instead. She loves being naked!!

Here we are hangin' out down at the beach at Bear Lake. We spent an entire week here doing nothing but playing beach volley ball, catching some sun, and eating junk food.

Despite my efforts Brielle still came home with a little sun kissed face. OOPS

This pic is out of order but we had to get one of Brielle going for her first plane ride to Oregon. This was a special moment for her daddy because flying planes is a love of his. Brielle has averaged one flight for every month-old she is (that means 4 plane rides ;)


HiGh FaMiLy said...

Oh my heck!! Your main picture is adorable!!!! Did you take it?

Birch Family said...

that is so funny that so many of us married Ryans. thanks your little sweaty is getting so bug since i sow her last and oh how cute she is. hey i don't know if you herd that i am having a party in firth for scentsy candles and everything is on sale so come and bring a friend and get a free scent is a my moms house 899 e 700 n Shelley at 7:00 come and bring your little one to show off.

Kami P. said...

Oh my goodness....Brielle's picture is priceless!! And I couldn't help notice the "minkee" in the photo too. :-)
Hey, I just sent you an email.

Vanessa Foster said...

Hey Cyrie,
I am so glad you updated your blog-I had been waiting patiently for more pictures! Your family is just precious. As for pics of my house, I will post more when I decorate it more. There are some pics of the inside, though, in my June posts. Take care friend!