Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brielle's Famous Noise When She Is Getting MAD!

This is Brielle's warning noise that she is about to get REALLY upset! I LOVE IT!! I am sure that most babies make noises like these but it is always WAY more cute when it is your own.


The Baker Family said...

Oh my gosh.....I love this video! So cute!

SuiKim and Steven said...

I love videos! This is so cute - I made my hubby watch it cause I loved it so much! :) What a cute doll she is! I am looking for a job currently - I have an interview today actually but we should definitely hang out soon! I still have your number if it hasn't changed and I'll give ya a call this week!

Grandma said...

Loved the video. You are so precious. Miss you soooo much. Cyrie Great Job on the Blog. Luv Ya Grandma