Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can't live without out it!!!!

As a shower gift my sis-in-law- gave me a hand made 'minkee' to act as a comfort toy for my sweet baby girl. I had never seen anything like it and immediately fell in love with it. . . but I never knew how dependent I would become on in, or should I say how dependent Brielle would be on it. Our bedtime routine is never quite complete until I place this adorable little puppy in her arms. Instantly, her fingers go to work caressing and loving her soft friend. I'm sure each one of us can think back to a special something that we loved no matter how dirty, tattered, and disgusting it got. When I was small I had a handmade blanket that was for me what this minkee is for Brielle. I wish I knew where that blanket was because I would love to have it as a sweet childhood keepsake. My hope is that years down the road when Brielle has long outgrown the need for her minkee she will still treasure her little friend and cherish the memories that naturally attach themselves to such comfort toys.

To see some adorable minkees visit this link Every little one needs one of these!!!

Below are a couple of my favorite pics of Brielle and her minkee. Sorry I tried and tried to get the first one flipped but alas still sideways.




Anonymous said...

She is so adorable. Jaylee has a minkee too. My mom made it for her way before she was born. She is not as attached to is as Brielle is to hers. So cute.

Dye Family said...

Your little Brielle is so Grit my teeth when I talk... cute! Who took that picture of her at the top, it is pricless.

And by the way my sister added those links from hers because I'm more of a blond than ever and so it didn't have my friends on it. Now thanks to your encouragment, I have figured it out! I know what a challenge huh?!

SuiKim and Steven said...

Cyrie! It was so fun to see you the other day and meet your adorable little girl!!! She's so cute and happy! We should hand out again soon!

SuiKim and Steven said...

Hey Cyrie! I want to hang out soon - probably next week because this weekend til Tues I am watching my neices down in Utah. But I wanted to remind ya that the photography class starts tom. if your interested!