Friday, May 23, 2008

Just a Few Fun Pics!!

This is the pink container that Brielle was bathed in at the hospital when she was first born. I didn't have time to take her in the shower with me the other day so I broke out her tub for a quick bath. The expression on her face is priceless! I guess I am in complete denial about how big my bug is getting.

Sorry baby girl. I promise to retire the tub. But I will continue to stretch out your newborn onesies so I can still tell myself my baby is in newborns!

My girl friend Michelle taught me how to make these adorable bows -- this is my new favorite past time. The very talented Michelle made the yellow one Brielle is wearing. Thanks Shell!

Babies never seem to let a humerus moment go by without enjoying it. (I was making ridiculous faces and noises at her ;)

Showing off my beautiful big blues!


Kami P. said...

Oh my stinkin' cute. I love love love the bow. She looks adorable and I'm so jeleous of her hair.

SuiKim and Steven said...

Cyrie! She is SO adorable - I can't believe how much she's grown already! I love the bows and how much hair that girl's got! Heather had her baby too - you should check out her blog! Miss ya tons!

Birch Family said...

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SuiKim and Steven said...

I changed my blog address! it's