Friday, May 16, 2008

A weekend with Grandma, Uncle Scott & Aunt Amy

On April 18, Grandma Maureen, Uncle Scott and Aunt Amy made the trip from Oregon to meet baby Brielle for the first time. It was such a great weekend!! Baby girl got spoiled with lots of gifts, love, and attention. Thanks you guys--we love you!

Proud Grandma holding her first grandchild for the first time!

Daddy lovin' his girl

Just a little one on one time with my grandma! And look, I am awake!!

Proud parents!

Time seems to stand still with her in my arms

How does it feel to have the new titles of Aunt and Uncle?

Feelin' a little lost without a baby in our arms!

Mother & Son; Father & Daughter; Grandma and Grandaughter

Grandma did a terrific job keeping baby Brie awake during the day so mom and dad could sleep at night

She looks great in your arms Scott! Any plans for the near future you two ;)?

Aunt Amy lovin' on the bug!


Aunt Amy said...

Thanks for including the pictures of when we came over on your blog. We are very proud to be an Aunt and Uncle to the most beautiful baby ever :) We are excited to see you in June, we can't wait.